Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

I have been engaged for a little over a year! The problem I have is that I like everything! I regularly vacillate between a farm wedding, Gatsby style wedding, and a small elopement.  The other evening I was analyzing this with one of my friends, and we came to the sad conclusion that I am stalling.  I recently read this brilliant article on -, about what life is like when you have lost a parent. In my case, both my parents have passed away.  This article made me realize that planning a wedding without my parents makes me profoundly sad.  Getting married is a delightful and exciting time, and I want to savor it and enjoy it, but it is really tough to do knowing that my parents won't be there. So, I thought that writing regularly about the wedding will help me to start planning and find joy in this process.  Below is my favorite picture of my parents, my uncle, and I.


  1. I let the staff at this place know that I am always happy to speak to anyone that is thinking about holding their vow renewal there.